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Thank you so much for checking out SuzeQue!


Why all the Sunflowers?

I love plants and Sunflowers are just magnificent. They come in so many colors and sizes and they are all unique and beautiful in their own right!  Second, North Dakota, my home state is the second-largest sunflower producer in the nation.  And finally, SuzeQue was started almost 20 years while I lived and raised my two (now adult) kids on Sunflower Dr., right here in ND. If you've never been up close and personal with the awesome nature of a sunflower field, add it to your bucket list! 


I handle all inquiries whether it's sizing questions on the brands you see at SuzeQue, return/exchange/shipping issues, or to find out more about custom ordering a unique crochet project. Please use the contact form as needed, I am here for you! 

Keeping it real.

~Susie Knopp

 owner | maker | designer

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