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Solid Bath Scrubby
  • Solid Bath Scrubby

    Not your average “loofah”. Exfoliating but gentle “scrubby” yarn is used to hand make these bath scrubbies. 6” diameter. Long lasting (3-6mo). Made with 2 layers that get soap or body wash all good and sudsy.

    Made for the bath and shower but also works for dishes and cleaning!

    “Surprise Mix” color option is a mix of the yarn ends that weren’t enough to make a complete scrubby. We use every last bit of yarn to eliminate having waste. A literal surprise as each one is uniquely different.

    **Order a scrubby along with a Homespun Chick soap, Perfect for gifting!

    SuzeQue exclusive handmade items take time, restocks are long awaited. Don’t wait to order when available!

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